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The best thing we can say about Riklean is we never need to think about the office cleaning.

It is always done and done well. This is something that we never need to worry about.

Therefore just effortless on our part.

Thanks for your great service.


We have been using Riklean’s services for the past 8 years – firstly for our carpet cleaning, then for our windows and now our car detailing requirements.  Riklean provide a professional service every time without fail!!  

You can’t fault their fastidiousness.  I haven’t had to wash my own car since I bought it thanks to Riklean!!  Their waterless car cleaning option is fantastic and lasts longer than a conventional car wash.  You want the cleanest of clean cleaners???  Choose Riklean.

C.W. Palmyra

We have been using Riklean for our car detailing for about 3 years now.
Everytime we have the car detailed it looks totally amazing, like a new car again!

Riklean are always friendly and on time and what I love about their work is the quality and care of each detailing of the car.

What I have found is that it is very important to maintain the interior and exterior of the vehicle, and with Riklean’s quality of work I can be confident that the paintwork and interior of the car is going to last.

I would definitely recommend Riklean to anyone who takes pride in their car’

A Reed

Hi Linda and Rik, we’d be happy to provide a testimonial.
As a developer of apartment complexes we require a reliable and competitively priced cleaner. Our company has been using Riklean’s services for many years now from office cleaning, apartment touch-up cleaning, thorough cleaning ready for settlement, cleaning of sales offices, strata complex cleaning through to gardening. Rik and his team take pride in their work to do the best job and use their initiative when things seem out of place or need additional attention, we are always kept informed to ensure the best outcome for us as the client.

Apartments by Match

Happy Client

Riklean have been cleaning our offices for a number of years, and we couldn’t be happier with their services. Reliable, efficient, thorough and friendly, we would highly recommend them and rate them amongst the very best in their competitive industry.

Happy Client